Friday, June 26, 2009

Getting to Kona

Well, we booked the tickets and to save money, we shortened our trip by two days and flew out on a Wednesday instead of Monday...saved about $113 a person and when you multiply that by 6...

We arrived in Kona about mid afternoon on Wednesday and got in our rental car. If you are planning on renting a car, do it online before you get here. You will save about $50 a day (at least that was our experience) booking online through one of the "web specials". Rates change daily for the most part once you get on the island. We also were convinced to buy the "pre-pay" gas option; which ended up being a good buy since gas costs between $3.31 and $3.41 a gallon and we locked in at $3.13.

First stop leaving the airport? COSTCO! We're staying in a's a little off the "strip" and nowhere near the "luxury resorts" but since we have the rental car, we opted for this option. It's a very nice 3 bedroom 3 bath! And at less than $200 a night..definitely a better choice. Of course, you are giving up the maid service, room service, etc. that you would get at a chain type resort but something's gotta give. Our Country Club Villa does offer a great view of the golf course and the ocean from the balcony. We are also cooking our own breakfast and have snacks a plenty in our fully stocked kitchen. When meals for 6 (including two growing brothers of mine) can cost about $100 a meal, cooking at least a meal a day yourself can save a bundle!

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