Friday, July 3, 2009

Ah the Islands

What a few days...

1. Surf lessons (a splurge yes) but awesome when you catch a wave. Don't go to the "pro shop" just go to the local stands on the side of the road. Cheaper AND they're not so dead set on your two hour time "limit".

2. True time share presentations have a reputation of their own, but when it saves (your party of 6) over three hundred's worth an hour of your time and the free lunch. And by lunch I mean sandwich and a lot of pressure to buy.

3. Having a condo where you can cook your own meals...AMAZING. Suggestion? Find the FARMER'S MARKET! So much fresh produce at half the cost! There were a couple different ones in town and searching for the right prices can take some time but it's worth it! We went out once, a steak house. Estimated cost for all six of us (with no dessert)? About $120. Buying steak, canned corn, a 5 lb. bag of rice (that has lasted all week) and napa lettuce? About $35. Ah the money you can save by just cooking for yourself! Easier for some than others (it helps when your parents own a restaurant and have done nothing but cook for decades).

4. One other "splurge" we have had however is the pineapple coconut ice cream from Baskin Robbins AND shaved ice. I love dessert...especially ice cream. Baskin Robbins prices are non negotiable. Shaved ice stands are a plenty. Normally the higher the price the bigger the serving...and they are BIG.

5. Our snorkel cruise is up next...

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