Friday, August 28, 2009

My new phone...

I am basking in the glory of what is my new EnV Touch phone. I'm still obsessed with it and it has been 5 days since I got it. I had been deliberating between the EnV touch and the EnV 3. Once I tried them out, it was no contest; the touch was for me. Plus I'd like to think I try my best to keep up with the times.

The phone would have cost me $159.99 with my two year upgrade. INSTEAD, it only costme $100 thanks to the promotion Verizon has right now where their Blackberry phones are being advertisted as buy one get one free. Thankfully, my brother also had an upgrade and was planning on buying a Blackberry. His was significantly more expensive than mine. The original price on his was $300.00 with a $100.00 rebate. I asked the nice lady named April if there was any way I could get the EnV touch instead of a Blackberry (since these "regular" phones normally cost less than a Blackberry anyway). She was very accomodating and that is how not only I got my phone for $100 but my brother did too! I of course did have to put everything on my card first and am patiently waiting for my two hundred dollar rebate to arrive.

Even though it's nice to get a bundled package at the kiosk, be careful with all those add ons...screen protectors, cases, blue tooth headsets, navigation applications, etc. I went with a screen protector, which was thrown in with the phone, and a hard clear case. I asked about the blue tooth headset since I am pretty sure driving without one will be illegal soon. They were a little spendy so I opted to look for one on Amazon instead. Ten dollars and free shipping got me a nice LG headset to go with the phone. I am ready to be fully mobile yet again.

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